Top Men, Top Men

Press sanitized for your protection. (AP photo)

Press sanitized for your protection.
(AP photo)

The Clinton Camp has lost count of the number of experts it has on hire:

In the months before she began her second run for the White House, Clinton spent hours quizzing economists, lawyers, educators and activists about everything from executive compensation to the latest research on lead paint.

By last fall, the number of experts she had interviewed hit two hundred and her team stopped keeping track.

“It was like I hadn’t left Harvard,” Roland Fryer, an economist at the university, said of his meeting with Clinton to discuss successful charter school practices. “It was like talking to a colleague and debating over a cup of coffee.”

Can’t keep track of the experts who, after the election, will supposedly keep track of everything in an $18,000,000,000,000 economy made up of 320,000,000 people.

That in a nutshell is everything wrong with “progressive” ambitions.