Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Before we get started, there are a couple things you must know about the video above. First, it stars Richard Simmons and was made to promote ♡bamaCare!!!'s increasingly troubled California exchange. Second, despite being one of the most tragically hysterical things that has ever been my squirming fortune to witness, in over a year there isn't a version of it on YouTube with even 25,000 views. Thirdly, Sacramento spent $137,000,000 -- that's right: nine figures -- to produce and market this... thing. By way of comparison, last year's Johnny Depp flop, Transcendence, had a production and marketing budget of "only" $100,000,000.

And of course, what has been seen cannot be unseen -- so click Play at your own risk.

Now that you know all that, know all this:

Covered California signed the contracts last week with Ogilvy Public Relations — maker of the $137-million Simmons video — and Campbell Ewald. Both are tasked with creating a media campaign to entice new enrollees, specifically minorities.

Facing the worst drought in recent memory— spurring rising food costs and job losses — Californians have better uses for tax dollars than another PR campaign, says Sen. Ted Gaines, who plans to ask for an audit of Covered California’s marketing department.

“Ogilvy made some major mistakes in their advanced outreach, specifically with the use of Richard Simmons. Why are they being rewarded with a renewed contract when they wasted taxpayer money?” asked Gaines. “The video bombed; I wasn’t able to get satisfactory answers as to what they accomplished with this.”

Kudos to Senator Gaines for bringing this up, but I fear he's asking the wrong questions. This isn't about the wisdom of hiring Richard Simmons or why the video failed to connect with California viewers.

It's about where the hell $137,000,000 really went.