"Steve Jobs" Official Trailer: It Stinks!

[jwplayer mediaid=”48735″]

It looks even worse than I feared.

Michael Fassbender — one of my favorite actors working today — is horribly miscast. Seth Rogan is as convincing as Woz as I would be wearing a fake beard and Monica Geller’s fat suit from Friends. The trailer even opens with a big factual error, “the graphical interface was stolen!” Apple paid Xerox a hefty fee for its WIMP innovations, and then figured out how to squeeze those innovations into 64k of all-original code running on a $2,500 minicomputer.

Based on what you see here, it looks like this movie will have all of the flaws of Walter Isaacson’s bio, and none of the cheesy charm of Pirates of Silicon Valley. That’s a bad combo, and a shocking one considering you’ve got Fassbender working under Danny Boyle’s direction from an Aaron Sorkin script. What a waste of talent.

There’s got to be a good movie to be made about Steve Jobs — for good and for ill, his life was sized for the big screen.

But this movie doesn’t look like it’s the one.