Uber Bans Guns, Hilarity Ensues

Incentivized. (Shutterstock photo)

(Shutterstock photo)

Well, that is if you find armed robbery to be hilarious:

The Anti Media recently reported that Uber announced that they will be firing any drivers who are caught violating the new policy—which apparently went into effect nearly two weeks ago—because they contend that an unarmed driver makes their customers feel more safe.

Now the New York Daily News reports that a 22-year old Uber driver was robbed with a gun by a potential passenger. The driver stopped “on 67th Ave. and Burns St. in Rego Park just after midnight” to meet his client. When the man got in the car he pointed a rifle at the driver, demanding all his money. The driver gave the man $60 and ran. Uber says they are investigating.

The story is vastly different from a recent scene in Chicago where an Uber driver defended a crowd of people from a shooter.

What a shame nobody saw anything like this coming.

But then there’s this:

A Florida Uber driver has been reportedly suspended pending a police investigation after he broke the company’s anti-gun policy and shot a passenger who was allegedly choking him during an argument.

Clearwater police are investigating after the passenger in an Uber vehicle was allegedly shot Sunday night during an altercation with the driver, 74-year-old Steven Rayow. Passenger Marc Memel, 60, was shot in the foot and treated and released from a local hospital, a local NBC affiliate reported.

I love Uber service, but there’s something sick and wrong about the management of a company that would leave drivers helpless like the one in NYC, while punishing drivers for defending themselves like the one in Florida.

Uber’s drivers — and potentially its passengers — are paying the price for the company’s “progressive” policies.

I don’t ride Uber anymore, and neither should you.