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Summer of Covers continues!

Last week we had Brian Setzer covering Steely Dan, and that got me to wondering who might have covered Setzer’s original band, The Stray Cats.


Stray Cats recorded bunches of their own covers, from Buddy Holly’s “Lonesome Tears,” to my all-time favorite Setzer guitar performance on their cover of Santo & Johnny’s “Sleep Walk.”

But who covered the band who did so many covers? Getting an answer to that one took some digging — some really entertaining digging.

One of the less likely bands I came across was Roadkill Rockers out of Sunne, Sweden, who promise to play their “own kind of rockabilly.” And sure enough, their sound is stripped down even for rockabilly, verging on punk. And if you’re going to go punk with The Stray Cats, then you’ve got to go with tonight’s cut, “Rumble In Brighton.”

Their first full album, Play It Loud, came out in Europe earlier this month, and it’s also available for download on the iTunes Store.

Nothing fancy but it is a fun take on a fun genre, so I downloaded a copy. And I am going to play it loud — but with my headphones on so I don’t wake the wife and kids.


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