Another Supreme Flub

Am I pro-gay marriage? I officiated a gay wedding — not just before President Barack-Come-Lately “evolved” his position on the issue, but way back when Bill Clinton was still doing things like signing the Defense of Marriage Act.


So, yeah, you could say I’m invested in the issue.

But more than any single issue, or policy, or party, I’m invested in Constitutional government. Because without Constitutional government, the most pressing question anyone has doesn’t involve marriage or welfare benefits or defense spending — the most pressing question becomes, “Which group of thugs is going to take everything I have this week?”

When the thugs were a distant King and his Parliament in the days of slow communications, it was relatively easy to win our liberty. In these days of domestic spying (enhanced by Google-grade collation algorithms), dedicated SWAT teams for every government agency, and legislation-by-judicial-decree, winning our liberty back becomes that much more difficult.

So, yeah, I “celebrate” today’s win, but I fear the process used to secure it.

Combined with yesterday’s Burwell and FHA rulings, it’s safe to say that this week is overall the worst in the Supreme Court’s history. Other single decisions rank lower (Dred Scott, anyone?), but these three decisions have together undermined the Faithful Execution clause, again undermined 50 state governments, and empowered the federal bureaucracy to micromanage the property rights of tens of millions of American homeowners.


There’s no sugarcoating this, kids — I believe this is the worst week in American judicial history.


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