Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

John Graham shows how ♡bamaCare!!! is causing massive premium hikes for younger buyers:

Last October, HealthPocket, an online insurance broker, measured the increase in premiums for every age group in 2014 versus the pre-Obamacare individual market and concluded they increased by double digits for every age group. The increase in rates for 63-year-olds was 37.5 percent for women and 22.7 percent for men. For 23-year-olds, the increase was 44.9 percent for women and 78.2 percent for men. There are other mandates driving up the cost of health insurance. Nevertheless, scholars at the Heritage Foundation conclude that Obamacare’s age rating restrictions increase premiums for younger adults by about one-third.

Obamacare disguises these true premiums by offering health insurers tax credits to reduce the net premium people pay, thus fooling many into thinking premiums have gone down.


You see how this works, don’t you?

Problem: Old people pay too much for insurance!

Solution: Make young people pay more!

New Problem: Young people pay too much for insurance!

Solution: Tax old people to pay for subsidies for young people!

Only to Progressives does this make any sense.

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