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Switchblade 1.0 (Image courtesy Aerovironment, Inc.)

Switchblade 1.0
(Image courtesy Aerovironment, Inc.)

Speaking drones, wait’ll you get a preview of Switchblade 2.0:

Switchblade was very popular with troops in Afghanistan and with SOCOM in all sorts of places they won’t discuss in detail. Switchblade has been so successful that the army has requested manufacturers to come up with a Switchblade 2.0. The new version (LMAMS or Lethal Miniature Aerial Munition System) will be heavier (up to 2.2 kg/5 pounds) with up to 30 minutes endurance and a 9 kilometer range. The sensor must have night vision and be stabilized. It must also be able to lock onto a target and track it. The warhead must be capable of disabling light vehicles as well as being harmless against people 10 meters (31 feet) from detonation but lethal within 4 meters (12.4 feet). All this is possible with current technology and the Switchblade manufacturer (who also makes the Raven) has a head start but not a lock because there is nothing exotic about the basic tech. The trick is getting it all into one package and working.


All you really need is a couple of those and a remote-controlled launching mechanism for the hood of your car.

That might be enough to help get people to pay attention to all those “SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT” signs.


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