The Truth about Barack Obama

Master of our domain. (AP photo)

Master of our domain.
(AP photo)

Breitbart’s Joel Pollack read former to Israeli ambassador Michael Oren’s new book and here’s his first takeaway:

Struggling to understand how Obama–who has genuine empathy for Israel, Oren says–could adopt policies and postures so hostile to the Jewish state, Oren turns to Obama’s first memoir, Dreams from My Father.

What he reads shocks him:

More alarming for me still were Obama’s attitudes towards America. Vainly, I scoured Dreams from My Father for some expression of reverence, even respect, for the country its author would someday lead. Instead, the book criticizes Americans for their capitalism and consumer culture, for despoiling their environment and maintaining antiquated power structures. Traveling abroad, they exhibited “ignorance and arrogance”–the very shortcomings the president’s critics assigned to him.

Speaking to Breitbart News last week, Oren recalled his impressions of Dreams. Obama said “nothing good about America” in his memoir, Oren says. Here was a man “without a word of praise or gratitude to America”–and yet “no one was listening” to what Obama truly believed.


“No one was listening” is the key phrase. Some of us were shouting it from any and every available rooftop back in 2008, that the US was about to elect not just its furthest left President ever, but a man fundamentally opposed to our founding tenets.

But no one listened, or at least not enough to matter. Four years later it happened again, even with all the dreary experience we’d gained.

Now we learn that the White House plans to use HUD dollars and regulation to micromanage local communities in the name of “fairness,” or just a little (or a lot) more “spreadin’ the wealth around.” But really what it’s about is control.

And the silence is deafening.

The left got what it wanted — a closet lefty with enough mainstream appeal to accomplish what even FDR couldn’t on the domestic front, and what Carter never even did in foreign affairs: The fundamental transformation of a free people into wards of the state, and the hobbling of the only decent superpower.

In 2016 we have the chance for a course correction, but it’s going to take a long series of wins over a course of decades, and us adopting the left’s ruthlessness, to undo eight years of Barack Obama — the man with “nothing good to say about America.”


If I’ve filled you with too much despair, now might be a good time to reread Kurt Schlichter’s Conservative Insurgency.


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