Iran Transparently Refuses Transparency

Surprising nobody, Iran won’t agree to unannounced inspections of its nuclear sites:

The United States urged Iran to implement the so-called Additional Protocol, which allows more intrusive access to Iranian sites, and Code 3.1, which requires from Iran early notification of the construction of any new nuclear facilities.

“These are the issues still under discussion and I believe we should wait to see the final text… and before that, we cannot prejudge anything,” Reza Najafi told reporters.

He added that Iran and the powers could seal a final deal by their self-imposed June 30 deadline, despite lingering disputes over the capacity of Iran’s uranium enrichment program, the extent of U.N. inspections and sanctions relief for Tehran.

Iran has long denied Western suspicions that it has used its declared civilian nuclear energy programm as a front for developing the ability to make atom bombs. To prevent any such outcome, the powers want Iran to accept unfettered inspections.


Iran refuses, ergo Iran’s nuclear program is not strictly civilian. They want nukes, they’re working to get nukes, and eventually they will get nukes — something two US administrations have willfully refused to do anything meaningful about.


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