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Summer of Covers continues!

Last week I dropped a Herb Alpert reference when describing R.B. Greaves’ sound in an FNV about a Naked Eyes cover of a Burt Bacharach/Hal David number originally done as a young Dionne Warwick demo before she made a big hit out of it years later.


Because I could, that’s why.

Naturally then I got Herb’s “This Guy’s In Love (With You)” stuck in my head, and so of course I decided to see if any ’80s acts had ever covered it — this being the Summer of Covers and all.

And sure enough, I came across a fairly obscure Australian New Wave band I’d never heard before called The Reels. Their most highly regarded song was 1981’s “Quasimodo’s Dream” off the album of the same name, and it’s such good stuff that I picked up the single from their Greatest Hits collection and then immediately thought twice and bought the Quasimodo’s Dream album, too. Lead singer Dave Mason’s voice is high without being slight, the band has a laid back, heroin-trip sound, and I’m somewhat ashamed I’d never heard of these guys until this week. Needless to say, my sudden fandom might be belated but it’s certainly real. (Certainly Reel?)

So I hope you enjoy The Reel’s cover of “This Guy,” which I find to be just as enjoyable and well done as the original — if not even more so.


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