Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day


To stay in informed and in touch with the man on the street, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch would routinely ask his constituents, “How’m I doing?” And New Yorkers being New Yorkers, he’d often get an earful. After a couple of years, it’s a fair question to ask of the state ♡bamaCare!!! exchanges, which is more or less what Melissa Quinn did for the Daily Signal and summarized in the chart above.


Of the seventeen states (including the District of Columbia) which set up their own exchanges, the results so far aren’t very promising. Just less than half are “functional.” Those are the exchanges in CA, CT, DC, ID, KY, NY, RI, and WA. Currently they have enough customers and enough revenue to stay afloat, although tax dollars are no longer available to the “risk corridors” which help keep them that way.

Maryland and Massachusetts have had to rebuild their sites or merge with tech from another state. Massachusetts is an interesting case because before ♡bamaCare!!!, they’d had a functioning exchange under Romneycare. “First, do no harm,” was never made a part of ♡bamaCare!!!’s language.

Colorado, Minnesota, and Vermont’s sites are are suffering serious technological or financial difficulties, and their fates are all still up in the air. They may soon follow Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, and Oregon’s exchanges into oblivion.


So 50 states plus DC were expected to set up their own exchanges, but only 17 did so. Out of those 17, only 11 have survived intact so far, and three of those are expected to fail — for a total of eight functional survivors.

That’s a whole lotta fail.


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