Jeb Tries to Shake Up Listless Campaign

Nah nah nah nah...?

Nah nah nah nah…?

He has the name. He has the connections. He has the money. What Jeb Bush doesn’t have is actual support from actual voters, and that’s taking a toll on his campaign staff:


The remedying began Monday with word that Bush has shaken up his campaign before the campaign has even been formally announced. The Bush team sent out word that Danny Diaz, a respected, hard-charging Republican operative, will become the campaign’s manager instead of Bush’s original choice, the highly thought-of Iowa strategist David Kochel, who will move to another senior position in the campaign.

Bush aides insisted it’s not a shakeup — “Nobody has left and nobody new is coming!” said one, via email. But it’s a shakeup.

The move comes amid bewilderment and disappointment among some Republicans who saw Bush as the natural leader of the GOP race. When word broke, a veteran party strategist recalled meeting recently with Republican donors who had become increasingly unhappy with the Bush effort.

There may be hope for the GOP yet.

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