The Evitable Candidate

She ain't in no ways tired. (AP photo)

She ain’t in no ways tired.
(AP photo)

The good news for Hillary is that Democrats still trust her. The bad news is, hardly anybody else does. That’s according to the latest WSJ/NBC poll, which also shows that she enjoyed zero honeymoon period after announcing her candidacy:

In just seven weeks, a period in which Mrs. Clinton formally began her presidential campaign, the share of people with a negative view of her jumped to 42% from 36% in last month’s survey, and only a quarter of registered voters said they viewed her as honest and straightforward, down from 38% last summer.

But she remains highly regarded among Democrats, with 76% saying they viewed her favorably—a greater hold on party loyalty than any of her potential Republican rivals had in the poll taken between April 26-30.

The lesson here is that Democrats don’t give a rat’s ass about wealthy lawbreakers with an overweening sense of entitlement, just so long as they mouth the same old shopworn platitudes.

Mitt Romney was wrong. The problem with our elections isn’t the 47% of Americans who are on one kind of dole or another. It’s the 30% of Americans who identify as Democrats and have been on the intellectual dole since at least the 1930s.