"Can the people on TV see me or am I just paranoid?"

(AP image)

(AP image)

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t watching you:

Over the weekend, an unofficial Google blog highlighted a new feature that the Internet giant had quietly rolled out to let people download their entire Google search histories.

To find everything they’ve ever searched for, users should go to Google Web History, click the gear icon and click “Download.”
“Create an archive of your search history data,” the Web company promises.

In a few moments, it sends an email with downloadable cache of data about people’s past searches.

The archive won’t work for people who have altered their privacy settings, and only records searches that occurred while logged in to Google, such as through Gmail.

People swear by the convenience and platform-flexibility of Google Mail and Google Docs, but giving Google all of that data just isn’t worth it.