Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Kristina Ribali writes that — surprise! — putting a bunch of new people on the Medicaid dole while slashing payments adds up to fewer, harder-to-find medical services. Read:

Many providers were expecting the Husky Healthcare program, Connecticut’s version of Medicaid, to cut reimbursements by as much as 5%. They have learned that the payments will be cut by as much as 40%. No, this isn’t a an April Fool’s joke. The kicker is that the cuts were only enacted last week, giving providers no time to figure out how they’ll deal with this situation.

At FGA, we’ve been predicting for some time that the real world costs would be harsh, and real people would be harmed by the impact of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion. Now that the cuts have begun to patch huge state budget holes, real human tragedies are, sadly, about to play out.

The article quotes several doctors who predict that women will have to travel farther and wait longer just to find bare-bones coverage of a basic birth. How bare-bones? Try no epidural, no ultrasound. And that’s if they can even find a provider.

Ribali’s piece came out just one day after Paul Krugman published a column headlined “Imaginary Health Care Horrors.”

War on Women, yo.