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Apparently Indiana Democratic lawmaker Justin Moed is into stuff too salacious even for a Fox News report:

FOX411: You met Moed online when you were fishing for someone to financially dominate, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ style. Do you feel like you entrapped him?

Sydney Leathers: I don’t feel like I entrapped him in any way. I wasn’t tweeting, “Hey, politicians! I’m looking for someone to financially dominate.” I didn’t even know who he was until well into it. Until a few weeks into it.

FOX411: What was your reaction when you learned your sexting partner was a politician?

Leathers: To go through that once is weird enough but the second time around was kind of unbelievable.

FOX411: Were Moed’s sexts more shocking than Anthony Weiner’s?

Leathers: A million times more shocking. They made Weiner look very tame, vanilla and boring.


And that’s where they changed the subject, for which we can all be grateful.


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