Did She or Didn't She?

Last known sighting: March 10, 2015. (AP photo)

Last known sighting: March 10, 2015.
(AP photo)

The State Department is doing its best not to answer questions regarding Hillary Clinton and the OF-109 separation form she should have signed after leaving her job as SecSate:

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed a separation form when she left her position.

The form, called an OF-109, is something all departing State Department employees must sign. It states that they have agreed to turn over all work-related documents. Signing the documents and not complying with the form would be a crime.

During a press conference, a reporter asked Psaki if Clinton signed an OF-109 and if she had, where it could be found. It was the third time in the last week that she was asked about the document.

Full transcript at the link.

If Hillary did sign the form, then she’s should be in all kinds of serious legal trouble for deleting State Department emails. And I mean serious legal trouble. If she didn’t sign the form, then what makes her so special, and what kind of trust could she possibly still maintain with the American people?

I’d just add that AP still hasn’t obtained a single new photo of Clinton since her disastrous press conference a week ago.

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