You Shore Gotta Purty Mouth, Abdul


Our world is often an unhappy one, so I try not to judge how people for how they get their kicks. But then there’s this:

Islamic State fighters are shaving off their beards and dressing as women in a bid to escape from battle, Iraqi forces have claimed.

A series of pictures have emerged showing men who have reportedly been caught trying to escape from northern Iraq wearing dresses, bras and make-up.

The photographs, posted on Instagram, show authorities appearing to pull back burkas to reveal young boys and even men with moustaches.


What I can’t say for sure is if the story is true, or if it’s just Iraqi Army propaganda. It probably wouldn’t be the first time captured soldiers were put in women’s clothing to embarrass or shame their comrades. That kind of thing might be especially effective against a group like ISIS, whose members have the sexual proclivities of 14-year-old sociopathic boys.

If so, good on the Iraqis for trying to turn the propaganda war back against ISIS.

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