Caveat Emptor via Satellite


Today’s non-shocker story involves bait & switch advertising by DirecTV:

The Federal Trade Commission announced Wednesday that it is charging DirecTV, the nation’s largest satellite television provider, with deceptive advertising — alleging the television provider tried to trick consumers into deals that would leave them paying more than expected for television service.

“DirecTV misled consumers about the cost of its satellite television services and cancellation fees,” FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez said in a press release. “DirecTV sought to lock customers into longer and more expensive contracts and premium packages that were not adequately disclosed. It’s a bedrock principle that the key terms of an offer to a consumer must be clear and conspicuous, not hidden in fine print.”


The only reason we haven’t cut the cord is my work requires access to live news. But pretty much everything else we get from Netflix, iTunes, or disc.

If you can make the cut, make it.


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