That Hillary Show

New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Did you watch? I did, and it was awful. A full parsing will have to await a transcript, but let me tell you what I think I saw.

I saw a politician with such a sense of entitlement, that shrugging off major security concerns with “I thought it would be easier” to have just one email account for her yoga chat and matters of state. And she bristled at every question, except for a couple of softballs. The worst question of the lot went to the woman who asked “What have you learned?”


My favorite part was probably Clinton’s longest answer, which was a disjointed series of run-on sentences buried inside of sets of incomplete sentences, riddled with copouts, catchphrases, and buzzwords. I hope the transcriber does it justice, because it was howlingly bad.

To give you a feel for how it went down inside the Beltway, here’s a little something from Dana Milbank.

Got that? The problem with Hillary deleting all those emails, according to Milbank, is that she deleted all the exculpatory evidence which surely must have been buried on that server, somewhere. And because, I suppose, of Clinton’s tiny little lapse of judgement, now Evil Republicans can’t be made to let the issue go.

That’s just Milbank’s first attempted spin. Maybe he’ll do better tomorrow or Thursday.


But however the facts get spun, there’s no spinning away Clinton’s brittle, defensive, and ultimately cowardly performance — she quickly cut off questions and retreated down the hall as soon as things began to heat up.

Would that she exited the public stage entirely with such ruthless haste.

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