Collapsing Arches

Moon over McDonalds

McDonalds same-store sales were down 4% in the US last quarter, but that’s just the start of a global trend including a whopping 29% decrease in Japan. Here’s the rest:


Overall, global comparable sales fell 1.7%. The Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa again was weak, with sales down 4.4%, as recent news in Japan about foreign items in food continued to keep customers away. Europe was brighter, standing as the only major region with a positive number. There, same-store sales were up 0.7%.

The report was the first of its type under new CEO Steve Easterbrook. However, he started his new position only on March 1, and it will be some time before he’s viewed as truly owning the monthly reports. His first week did include attending a gathering with franchisees and major news on a planned change around the chicken McDonald’s sells, but the latest data make clear the challenges in front of the world’s largest publicly traded restaurant operator.

Tell the vegetarians — hardly McD’s core market — to sod off and put the beef tallow back in the fries.

Problem solved.

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