McConnell Postpones Iran Legislation

Mitch McConnell

So it’s come to this:

The Senate majority leader has decided to delay a Tuesday vote legislation that would allow Congress to approve or reject any nuclear agreement that global powers reach to scale back Iran’s nuclear ambitions. He informed the Senate Republican Conference of the decision on Thursday afternoon following Senate Democrats’ decision to vote against advancing the bill before March 24.

“It is clear that Senate Democrats will filibuster their own bill—a bill they rushed to introduce before the White House cut a deal with Iran. So, instead, the Senate will turn next to the anti-human-trafficking legislation while Democrats decide whether or not they believe they and Congress as a whole should be able to review and vote on any deal the President cuts with the leaders of Iran,” said Don Stewart, a spokesman for McConnell.

The Senate Democrats are happy to throw America’s national security — and Israel’s existence — under the bus, just to provide political cover to President Look At Me Look At Me.

Never forget this betrayal.

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