The Phony War


Just a couple of hours ago I asked what President Look At Me Looking At Me was doing while The Religious Movement Which We Dare Not Speak Its Name expands its reach from Libya to Afghanistan — and now we know:

The United States, the president said during his State of the Union address last month, is “assisting people everywhere who stand up to the bankrupt ideology of violent extremism. This effort will take time. It will require focus. But we will succeed.”

The White House for months has touted plans for a summit to tackle the global causes, preventions and defenses against extremists operating alone and together; under the guise of religious zealotry, or not; for political aims, or not; tolerated or backed by nation states, or not; both in the United States and abroad.

If that suggests this week’s event devoted to “best practices” lacks urgency or even a tight focus – it will feature multiple sub-topics, loads of speeches, venues at the White House and the State Department, and representatives from five dozen countries.

Venues. That’ll show those violent extremists of no particular religion.

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