Sign "O" the Times

The Swedish military is now taking orders from Russia:

A memorandum from the Swedish foreign ministry obtained by newspaper Expressen reportedly states that “no Swedish planes would land in Estonian territory and the same applied to Finland”.

Referring to a meeting between Russian ambassador Viktor Tatarinsev and foreign ministry cabinet secretary Annika Söder, it goes on to say: “Tatarintsev appeared to find the reply satisfying”.

The planned military exercise is to take place in the Baltic region in March and April this year, on the initiative of the United States. The background is said to be increased Russian activity in the area.

But Russia has expressed concern over Sweden and Finland’s involvement, according to Expressen. The memorandum states: “That these militarily alliance free states co-exercise with the United States could not leave Russia indifferent.”


The Swedes didn’t let themselves get kicked around like that during the Cold War, when the Soviet military cast a far larger shadow over the Baltic than the Russian military does today.


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