FBI Director Implies All Cops Are Racist

That’s the headline from this Jeff Dunetz piece for MRC TV. And here’s the beef:

FBI Director James Comey summoned up his inner Al Sharpton during a speech at Georgetown University Thursday as he opined that not only are all police officers inherently racist, but also that, because America is a “majority white society,” we are helpless to control our “latent biases” which is why (of course) government must step in and design a system to control our unconscious hatred.

Comey went on to accuse all cops, Caucasian or minority, who patrol areas “where most street crime is committed by young blacks” of also having an unconscious bias against blacks.


Let us stipulate for the moment that Director Comey is exactly right, and that as a “majority white society” we, and our police, really are unable to control our “latent biases” against blacks and other minorities.

Is the solution then more police enforcing more, and more tangled, laws? Or would a better solution be to repeal many of the laws which the police currently use, according to the Director, to oppress minority-Americans?

Victimless crimes, and a whole lot of Blue State gun statues, unjustly create thousands of “criminals of color” each and every year. Isn’t it time to revisit them?


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