Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day


Christopher Flavelle confirms what millions of unhappy customers already know — ♡bamaCare!!! costs a fortune:

It’s not surprising that out-of-pocket payments, also called cost-sharing charges, are higher for lower-cost plans. It is surprising just how high those payments are, even for middle-tier exchange plans, and also how high they are compared with the average plans that workers get through their companies.

Start with annual deductibles. For bronze plans in 2015, they’re enormous — $5,372, or about five times what the average person with employer-based individual coverage faced last year. More important, and potentially worrisome for the law’s defenders: Average deductibles for silver plans (the most popular type of exchange coverage) are about three times as high as on employer plans. Even gold plans have slightly higher average deductibles.


The out-of-pocket maximums aren’t much better, with the Bronze and Silver plans both more than double what those with employer-based insurance pay, and Gold at a 50% premium.

Remember, the idea of the exchanges is to eventually get everybody off of employer-based insurance and into the ♡bamaCare!!!-approved plans.

Employer-based insurance was an unintended consequence of WWII wage controls, and never a good idea. But mandating captive buyers into overpriced plans which include pre-natal care for male gay couples and psychotherapy for Scientologists is a worse idea — and a totally intended consequence of ♡bamaCare!!!.

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