Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day


Latinos are supposed to underpin the Permanent Democratic Majority, but they’re slow to buy into the President’s signature legislative achievement:


Latinos represent about a third of the nation’s uninsured and for a number of reasons, signing them up has been harder.

As of Jan. 16, just 10% of those who had signed up for plans in the 37 states served by are Latino — up slightly from 7% during the first few months of last year’s enrollment, despite concerted efforts to reach them, according to government data.

Experts caution that those numbers are reported by applicants and there’s no requirement that anyone signing up for coverage state their race or ethnicity. Nonetheless, government and pro-Obamacare groups have stepped up their efforts through media campaigns and emphasized the kind of in-person assistance the Santaolallas and many other Latinos seem to prefer.

Maybe they just don’t like paying Cadillac prices for catastrophic plans, ya think?

So this one might actually be a win, depending on how you score it.


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