Required Reading

Walter Russell Mead says the Obama White House is growing isolated over Iran:

The growing chorus of sober and informed critics of the White House approach to Iran aren’t for the most part attacking the idea of negotiations over the nuclear issue or even of a possible future rapprochement with Iran. This isn’t even primarily an argument about exactly how many centrifuges the nuclear talks allow the Iranians in the end – or about any of the other technical details of a proposed nuclear understanding. The skeptics are criticizing what looks like a disjointed and misguided approach to the relationship with Iran that threatens to further destabilize the Middle East. It is possible that the administration has good answers for them, but up until now the White House has preferred not to engage with the serious arguments against its Iran approach. The longer the President and his top aides keep pretending that critics have no concerns that are worth taking seriously, the more they feed the narrative that the White House is in over its head on Iran—that it has lost sight of some important considerations in a headlong drive to get a deal. That perception, unless refuted (rather than mocked, caricatured or ignored) will ensure that neither Congress nor the country will allow the White House to pursue an Iran strategy that lacks public buy-in and consent.


Read the whole thing — a terror-sponsor state in pursuit of nuclear weapons and it’s our leadership feeling isolated.

Whatever you feel about Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom’s Iran policy, or what you think our policy should be, his insular and isolated approach should come as no surprise after watching six years of the same approach to most issues foreign and domestic.

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