Joe Biden: Spymaster


You have to love Moscow mouthpiece Russia Today for being unafraid to report the news everyone else is afraid to. Today’s hot item is… well, maybe it’s best if we let Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro speak for himself:

“The northern imperial power [That’s us! -ed.] has entered a dangerous phase of desperation, going to talk to the continent’s governments to announce the overthrow of my government. And I accuse Vice-president Joe Biden of this,” the head of state said, addressing the people at the 198th anniversary of the birth of a Venezuelan hero general Zamora in Cua, Miranda state.

He also questioned US President Barack Obama publically, whether he was “aware of these plans to promote violence and a coup in Venezuela” and “appealed to his consciousness.”

“There are US diplomats in Venezuela contracting military officials to betray their country, looking to influence socialist political leaders, public opinion leaders and entrepreneurs to provoke a coup,” the head of state went on.

I firmly believe deep in my heart and down to my marrow that steely Joe Biden could topple any government on Earth — provided it was on accident.