The Big Ebola Lie

Dustin Hoffman in Outbreak

Michael Fumento has the facts about what went down in an outbreak hyped for “funding & media attention.” Read:

The media weren’t asking skeptical questions. The next day, reporting on a separate WHO conference, a New York Times headline blared: “New Ebola Cases May Soon Reach 10,000 a Week, Officials Predict.”

The “soon” in that warning from the WHO’s Bruce Aylward was “by the first week in December.”

Well, the WHO has now reported cases for that period. Total: 529. It was no fluke; the average over the last three weeks was 440.

You’ve been lied to, folks. For months.


I took a lot of heat back in October for calmly explaining why “ebola just isn’t something I spend much time worrying about,” although I did have some unkind words to say about how the Administration was handling a very handle-able problem.

It’s nice to see a smarter and just-as-sane take from someone like Fumento.


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