Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day


Need some cheery news during this holiday season? Then you don’t want to read the latest totally unintended consequence of the completely settled law of the land:


The Affordable Care Act is spelling the demise of free healthcare clinics across the country, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Of clinics across 28 states, almost a dozen in the past two years have cited Obamacare as their reason for shutting their doors.

Both The Good Samaritan Free Clinic in Rock Island, Illinois, and the Ninth Street Ministries Free Medical Clinic in Polk County, Arkansas, shut their doors this year saying their missions were complete. Now that most of their former clients have medical insurance, many through expanded Medicaid, they are no longer needed, they say.

“When we started we said if there ever was almost universal health care, our mission was accomplished,” Good Samaritan co-founder Kerry Humes told the Journal.

I guess the sick joke is on them.

UPDATE: Rasmussen says most Americans still expect health care to worsen under ♡bamaCare!!!. Whatever could have given us that idea?


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