Dems Double Down on Dumb

Stephen Moore wants to know if Republicans will “seize the opportunity” created by the latest Democratic blunders, described thusly:

Right after Democrats got routed in the midterm election, the left-wing group blasted their activists with a message not to panic. Party leaders should, in fact, “double down on progressive policies.”

This is the kind of advice you would expect from a gang of young ideological activists, but what is amazing is that Barack Obama and the Democrats have followed it. On immigration, energy, climate change, regulatory overreach—Obama issued 3,000 new rules before Thanksgiving—the Democrats have pretended that the election didn’t happen.

Obama’s immediate response to middle- and working-class economic anxiety was a new global warming deal with China and a call to close down coal-burning power plants, both of which will destroy even more jobs. The White House followed up with a new program centered on “gender equity” in the workforce.


They learned this behavior — “pretending that the election didn’t happen — from the man at the top. Obama doubled down after the 2010 debacle, and he came out swinging at his re-innauguation with a speech devoted to More of the Same, Only Bigger. He’s the one-trick politician at the head of a one-trick party.

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