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Tom Blumer has even more on that Fantastic! Amazing! He’s Teh Won! jobs report from November:

To be clear, I’m not alleging that the BLS is deliberately engaging in deception in its Establishment Survey of employers — yet. But the agency knows how misleading its official adjusted data have often been, and has done next to nothing to alert the public to the problem. Meanwhile, reporters in the business press, most of whom know better, still treat the adjusted numbers as gospel while barely acknowledging the raw numbers’ existence.

Thus, the public has every reason to believe that November was a great month in the job market, while October was lukewarm. The reality is exactly the opposite — which should be leading people to wonder if economic conditions might once again be deteriorating.


Read the whole thing.

I no longer really wonder about economic conditions — we’re just getting by. Even that has become a herculean task, evident by the sheer number of unemployed, our wildly high welfare payments, and the daily struggle for millions of families to make ends meet on stagnant earnings.

That’s as good as its gotten since passage of ♡bamaCare!!! squelched the jobs recovery, and likely as good as it’s going to get unless voters decide to make a U-turn two Novembers from now.


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