Rocky Mountain High


I suppose this was inevitable — a nicely appointed RV to take you and some friends on a tour to some of Colorado’s natural wonders, and to some of Colorado’s perfectly legal head shops.


They even do weddings.

(H/T, Colorado Rebecca.)

We are entering a Stoned New World here, as Colorado entrepreneurs come up with new ways to make money in the new… ah… atmosphere… of tolerance. It’s also an interesting test case for longtime proponents of legalization such as myself, to see what happens when perfect theory encounters an imperfect world. Our first stumbling block is that the state-sponsored growers and sellers cartels have kept prices artificially high (no pun intended), so we still have a black market for the green herb. That also means, as we’ve discussed here before, that tax revenues are not meeting expectations.

On the plus side, Colorado doesn’t seem to have gained any big new criminal element, and our headlines aren’t dominated by pot stories. Yes, there have been arrests for public intoxication and for dumb stoners doing dumb things — just as before legalization. Anecdotally, the last time I saw someone light up at a party also happened to have been before legalization. If there’s been a surge in pot use, it’s difficult to detect here in El Paso County.


In the meantime, we have some smart operators like Irie Tours, making money by letting people enjoy all of what my beautiful state has to offer, in a clean and presumably safe environment. Since daily news scans haven’t shown anything much different or any worse going on in Washington State, I’m guessing the situation up there is pretty much the same as it is here — tokers gonna toke, but without the risk of arrest or the dangers of the black market.

I’ll keep you posted with further updates, but not until after I’ve finished this bag of Cheetos and this episode of Gilligan’s Island.



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