NSF Spends $25k on Party and Booze

It must have been a really good party:

Internal investigators say a contractor picked by the National Science Foundation to run a national ecological monitoring study has been wrongly spending millions in government funds, charging that taxpayer dollars may have been wasted on items that included a $25,000 Christmas party, booze for company executives and a nearly $1,000 a month coffee service.

“The NSF is out of touch and out of control,” said Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), who will chair the hearing of the House Science Committee.

“Federal agencies must be held accountable for their waste and misuse of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars,” Smith added.


Honestly, I’d rather most federal agencies blow money on booze than spending our tax dollars the way they usually do — crimping our liberties and harming our economy.

In the Bad Old Days, we had a tiny, amateur government filled with unqualified cronies who were just in it for the paychecks. But a hundred years ago or so, the Progressives “fixed” that, and paved the way for a massive government filled with highly trained specialists who really care.

Which, in hindsight, seems preferable to you?


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