Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

FORM 1095

♡bamaCare!!! “customers” might not be prepared for all the new hassles coming their way in the New Year:

That worries officials at Connecticut’s exchange, Access Health CT.

Acting CEO Jim Wadleigh is concerned the Internal Revenue Service won’t be prepared to handle the call volume from customers who aren’t familiar with the tax process and will have more complicated returns because of the health law.

He also worries that many of the exchange’s customers will have questions about how to handle their taxes and about the tax form they’ll receive in January to show that they bought coverage through the exchange. The exchange isn’t allowed to offer tax advice, but Wadleigh expects many customers will call seeking guidance.

And so, in the midst of a busy sign-up period for coverage, the exchange is also working on a push to prepare this year’s customers for tax time. That includes sending multiple letters to explain the new tax form that exchange customers will receive in January. The form will be required for completing their taxes.



It seems like just yesterday that the Complicit Media and its hangers-on in the Explanatory Field were parroting the White House’s claims that ♡bamaCare!!! would save us billions by eliminating needless paperwork. Instead, hospitals and doctors are drowning in new forms, and soon it will be the turn of ♡bamaCare!!!’s happy mandate-customers.

You’d think somebody could have seen this coming.



All of us on the other side said this is exactly what would happen.



One of us.

Heads ought to roll, but instead they’ll just learn to parrot the new pravda and to explain away the next legislative disaster.


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