Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day


♡bamaCare!!! deeper underwater than ever according to the latest from Gallup:

Americans were slightly more positive than negative about the law around the time of the 2012 election, but they have consistently been more likely to disapprove than approve of the law in all surveys that have been conducted since then. Approval has been in the low 40% or high 30% range after a noticeable dip that occurred in early November 2013. This was shortly after millions of Americans received notices that their current policies were being canceled, which was at odds with President Barack Obama’s pledge that those who liked their plans could keep them. The president later said, by way of clarification, that Americans could keep their plans if those plans didn’t change after the ACA was passed.

The current 37% reading comes on the heels of last week’s midterm elections, in which Republicans won full control of both houses of Congress. Already, party leaders are discussing efforts to repeal the unpopular law.

For those keeping score at home, ♡bamaCare!!! is now 19 points underwater, a new low.

Keep in mind that this is only the beginning of the new open enrollment period, and people are just starting to learn of cancellations and premium hikes.

But War on Women, yo.