Required Reading

Pejman Yousefzadeh on Jon Gruber’s “self-immolation and its policy consequences.” Read:

Of course, most liberals don’t appear to be angry as a result of Gruber’s comments. To be sure, they would be angry if the comments came from the starboard side of the political divide, but since it comes from their side . . . well . . . outrage takes a back seat to trying to bury the story by not talking about it.

Read the whole thing — Pej has collected some good links that I’d missed during the week. But mostly know two things about this escapade:

• The Left is playing by its usual playbook.

• The usual playbook doesn’t work when the architect of an unloved law is captured on video, more than once, unsheepishly disdaining the victims of the very law he helped promulgate.

The second point hasn’t yet dawned on the Democrats, at least not fully. When it does, the long knives come out — and it’s going to be brutal.

I know I already did a Trifecta segment on Gruber, but the story hasn’t even begun to really get going.

Make no mistake — this is huge.