Stupid Is as Stupid Endorses

The National Organization for Marriage has endorsed straight Democrat Congressman Scott Peters over gay Republican challenger Carl DeMaio. The issue is gay marriage — which both candidates support:

“Carl DeMaio is wrong on marriage, just as he is wrong on abortion,” the NOM email says.

“[The GOP] was, and is, a party committed to campaigning for moral truths, and the truth of marriage as the faithful union of one man and one woman has been part of our beliefs since the founding of the GOP,” it continues.

Even though Peters is a Democrat, NOM believes that he cannot do any damage in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

“But Carl DeMaio serving as a supposed Republican in a House controlled by Republicans can do great damage, and could end up holding the seat for decades,” NOM President Brian S. Brown writes.

The National Organization for Marriage does not mention all the other classically conservative positions that DeMaio holds.

DeMaio is pro-choice, but is also against the Affordable Care Act, believes the United States should give less money in foreign aid to other countries, hopes to secure the border between the United States and Mexico, and believes in the Second Amendment.

Democrat Peters is also pro-choice and for same sex marriage. However, unlike DeMaio, Peters is not gay.

I don’t know how to take this other than as an admission by NOM that they just don’t like gays.

That’s how you lose entire blocks of voters, kids.