A Harry Situation for Mary Landrieu

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Senator Landrieu was asked a simple question, “Will you vote for Harry Reid for leader if you’re reelected?”

Her answer was, “If Harry Reid were the only problem, not Mitch McConnell, and not some the President himself, presents some problems, Harry Reid presents some problems, Mitch McConnell presents some problems. If it were that easy, you know, we could talk about individual personalities, but the country is polarized. That is the truth – the country is polarized.”

She wasn’t done, blaming the Senate itself for polarization.

“It’s very difficult where you’ve got House seats where people represent all conservatives or all liberals, but in the Senate the 100 of us represent whole states. So we can try to show that gridlock can be broken, and I’ve tried to do that.”

Having not addressed the question, the moderator re-asked it.

“I’m gonna make my decision,” she said. “I said a couple of months ago that I would, but I’m gonna make my decision based on what is before me and who is running.”


What is it with the Democrats this cycle? These are not difficult gotcha questions they’re dodging — they’re straight-up questions every candidate should expect and be prepared for. But in 2014 even some of the best D players sound like a D-list Todd Akin.

UPDATE: It just occurred to me that Landrieu could have have diffused the question with humor. “I’m just mild about Harry” and leave it at that, except for the “That’s all I can really say until the next Congress” in response to the inevitable followup.


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