Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

I hate to kick off a brand new week this way, but this one comes courtesy of the Gray Lady and shouldn’t be missed:

Patricia Wanderlich got insurance through the Affordable Care Act this year, and with good reason: She suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2011, spending weeks in a hospital intensive care unit, and has a second, smaller aneurysm that needs monitoring.

But her new plan has a $6,000 annual deductible, meaning that Ms. Wanderlich, who works part time at a landscaping company outside Chicago, has to pay for most of her medical services up to that amount. She is skipping this year’s brain scan and hoping for the best.

“To spend thousands of dollars just making sure it hasn’t grown?” said Ms. Wanderlich, 61. “I don’t have that money.”


There are three silver linings to this story:

• She and her family are saving much more than $2,500 a year.

• ♡bamaCare!!!’s own author says we shouldn’t live past 75 anyway, so she won’t be missing out on much.

• Who needs death panels when patients self-deport themselves out of the hospital?

All of that, of course, Means It’s Working™.


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