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Deb Filman has written an open letter to the women of America:

I hope I’m not being too forward, but I’d like to speak to you about this alleged preoccupation you have with your lady-parts, and your alleged status as perpetual victims of the GOP. Democrats call this the “War on Women,” I call it a big fat lie.

As a woman, and a Republican, I listen to Democratic candidates talk about the “War on Women,” and accuse Republicans of “giving the back of their hand” to women, and I laugh. I laugh because it’s so absurd, I can hardly believe any woman believes it, and yet it seems many of you do. So it occurred to me that perhaps it’s because you haven’t had time to fact-check what you’re being told, or haven’t stopped to consider that maybe the stereotype of the Republican as someone hell-bent on forcing you to get and remain pregnant against your will, is bogus.

I also give you more credit than the Democrats do.


Read the whole thing.


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