Tell Me Something I Don't Know

“The President is lying to America.”

Actually, I knew that already. So did you. But it might mean something just a little bit more coming from a “ranking Department of Defense official,” even if he does choose to remain safely anonymous. Daily Caller has the latest from the Official Currently Known as Joseph Miller:


Once again, the president overruled his commanding general and has chosen to use air strikes alone to “destroy” a terrorist army of 30,000.

The president clearly does not think the mission is worth the cost necessary to complete it; but by pursuing his ends without authorizing the necessary means, he is dooming that mission to failure.

The United States military and intelligence community have learned a lot over the past decade of conflict. Our commander in chief, unfortunately, has not. Since the start of his administration, President Barack Obama has ignored his generals and the intelligence community.

He’s a smarter general than his generals, and a better intelligence analyst than his intelligence analyst.

There’s nothing new here in the sense that we knew six years ago exactly what was coming, based on Obama’s on words and actions. But it is new coming from someone inside the Pentagon, and I really wish whoever this is would reveal their true selves then forcefully resign in protest.


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