Programming for Dummies

Dummies? Not really — but former ‘Softie Chris Granger might have the next big thing for would-be coderswho don’t know a GOTO from a GOSUB:

With Eve, Granger is shooting higher. He envisions an Excel-like web application that lets anyone build software by drawing the interface and then filling in the logic that powers it by dragging around boxes of data. To share these apps, users will only have to give others a link to a hosted web application. Behind the scenes, it’ll be able to connect to services that offer APIs, so applications built on Eve will be able to integrate with things like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Maps like an application built in a “real” coding environment. When Eve debuts in early 2015, Granger says it will enable “a normal person to be able to make a site that’s as complex as a Kickstarter.”


This might be just the thing for people like me, whose programing skills began and ended with BASIC almost 30 years ago.


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