Finish What Ya (Never) Started


I don’t want to belabor the Vietnam analogies any more than they have been already, but you do need to read this Daily Beast report from Josh Rogin and Eli Lake on President Obama, his Syria point man General Michael Nagata, and our upcoming mini-Vietnam:


There are skeptics both inside and outside the government who doubt Obama’s new plan to arm the Syrian rebels can work. First of all, the administration has said for years that the moderate opposition can’t be a reliable partner for the United States in Syria. Only last month, Obama said that the rag-tag bunch of “former doctors, farmers, and pharmacists” could never win their civil war and the whole idea that arming them earlier would have made a difference has “always been a fantasy.”

Then Obama made a complete reversal, announced that portions of the Free Syrian Army were now vetted enough to help the U.S. fight against ISIS, and called on Congress to vote to give him authority train and arm them. Congress went along, but only after hearing from Nagata, who briefed both House and Senate members and staffers in classified settings and told them how he would get it done. Those briefed said they were impressed by the General but remained concerned Obama’s plan was fatally flawed.

Any takers on my bet that the next thing to come out of Syria will be just as bad as ISIL?


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