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Salena Zito explains why Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom had no ISIS strategy:

Barack Obama, who won the presidency largely because he was not George Bush, desperately wants to be what his voters were looking for — a domestic president done with wars, and not preoccupied with big foreign policy and national security issues.

You can see it in his eyes, his voice, his body language, in the lack of conviction in his words.

The reason there is no strategy, as he said, about Islamist terrorists in Syria (and why there likely won’t be one) is that his brain trust — Valerie Jarrett and key people on his National Security Council — are nowhere near qualified to advise him on security issues; they focus more on domestic issues and politics than on national security.

This is why, the day before ISIS said it beheaded journalist Steven Sotloff, you saw Obama in Wisconsin, whipping up 6,000 union members, preaching in full campaign style, castigating Republicans as the opponents of everything he wants to do.

He was in his element, with thousands of supporters hanging on his every word. No questions, no speculation, no accountability, no “hard stuff” — just pure adulation.


Read the whole thing.

And if you missed it, Bill Whittle’s latest Afterburner, “Early Check Out,” makes a nice companion to Zito’s report.


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