Electric Cars Sales Stuck in Neutral



“This was a market that was supposed to grow, relatively rapidly, as people embraced these new technologies and more brands began selling these models,” said Edmunds senior analyst Jessica Caldwell. “That hasn’t happened.”

Caldwell’s research showed substantial gains in the pure EV and plug-in hybrid segments — 35% and 44%, respectively.

But the study also showed a drop in traditional hybrids — by far the largest segment in the electrified vehicle market — that offset sales gains in pure EV and plug-in hybrids sales, which remain a tiny fraction of the market.

“The EVs and plug-ins have shown growth,” Caldwell said, “but it’s like a rounding error in the whole electric drive vehicle market.”


People won’t buy a product they don’t like or which doesn’t suit their needs, even when Washington subsidizes the sales price.

Maybe there’s a broader lesson in there somewhere…


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