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Jonah Goldberg:

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with being ideological. I do it every day. What sticks in my craw is lying about it to yourself or to the country. Insisting that you don’t have an ideology is a great way to advance your ideological agenda without actually having to defend your ideology. That’s why president Obama loves to say that he only cares about “what works” and what’s best for the country. I mean, who is against policies that work? Who doesn’t care about what’s best for the country? According to the president, the answer is always clear: Anyone who disagrees with him.

Nearly six years since he took office, the shtick is getting old. But if you want to keep insisting that Obama’s policies on health care, immigration, taxes, and foreign policy have nothing to do with an ideological or political agenda, well, bless your little heart.


Read the whole thing.

Apparently there are many, many little hearts in need of great, big blessings, because I keep reading “It’s working” and “But Bush!” and my new favorite, from EJ Dionne this morning, that Obama’s foreign policy is somehow better than it looks.

Well, bless his little heart.


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