We're Gonna Take Back the House!

I’ve written a few whoppers in my time in the blogosphere, but this Susie Madrak for Crooks & Liars verges on delusional:

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I think the Democrats can pull off an upset this year and take back the House. The mood of the public “feels” like 2006 — and if you recall, pretty much every pundit and consultant (including the Democrats) wrote the Democrats off as dead that year. We took back control of everything: The House, the Senate and the majority of governor’s races.


Read the whole thing, if you need a chuckle.

It’s not like the current GOP majority is a great prize, but it’s one they seem 99% certain to keep.

To me the funniest part is that Madrak doesn’t even have her history right, the premise of her whole article. In 2006, the only people who didn’t see the train coming straight at the Republicans were the Republicans in the White House and on Capitol Hill — oh, and their Rovian consultants. Out here in the sticks — defined as most anywhere west or south of K Street — we’d been screaming at the GOP to get its act together.

But, yes, Democrats, please do spend all your money on the House this year. Pretty double extra please.


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